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4,50€ Minced Meat Stew

mashed potatoes, minced meat, pickled cucumber, cheese

4,50€ Herring

herring, onion, boiled egg, potato, sour cream

5,50€ Shashlik

pork, potato, onion, ketcup

5,00€ Cheese Schnitzel

fried, breaded cheese, potato, various vegetable salads, cold dressing

6,00€ Roast Pork

oven-baked pork, potato, sauerkraut

6,50€ Fried Meat in Pastry

fried pork breaded in egg and flour, potato, various vegetable salads, warm dressing

6,00€ Paalikas

oven-baked pork, fried egg, potato fried with onion and champignon, tomato and cucumber sour cream salad

6,50€ Carlic Meat

fried pork in garlic marinade, garlic potato, various vegetable salads, garlic dressing

6,50€ Chicken Fillet

chicken fillet, various vegetables, warm dressing with smoked cheese


2,00€ Carlic Bread

fried bread, garlic-mayonnaise and cheese spread

3,00€ Pelmeni

fried pelmeni and sour cream

3,00€ Piquant Bean

tinned beans with minced meat dressing

3,00€ Meatballs

meat balls,letcho dressing

6,00€ Salted salmon

salted salmon, toast, onion, butter, olives